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Oh Well! The love for Barottas will just not be enough for any of us. But what if we tell you a story along with it. There’s always a child within all of us. This is a story of a Child businessman who is crazy about parottas Barottas ( Oops ! that’s how he would like to pronounce ). Being a lover of Barottas, all he wanted is to break the myth of “parotta is Injurious to health”. Barottas offers well balanced, nutritious and wholemeal parottas and just not the maida, Breaking all the myths. Bruh! You are absolutely safe with us!

Parottas legacy roots back to the 15th Century. But it was Malaysians who triumphed Parottas across the world. Parottas are available in 20+ different countries in different names and forms. The Businessmen in him would like to position the parotta just like Pizza or Roti. I mean Why Not? When Pizzas are available in 100 different varieties with the same base why not parottas?

Barottas is one single brand that offers parottas from around the world. From Kothu Barotta to Roti Canai to Quesdeillas. We have it all! And, Barottas would taste so much better. You Know that feeling Bruh! Barottas as a Brand is a journey of experimentation for the love of Barottas.